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One accident is too many!


In January 2023, the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) launched a safety campaign to bring heightened awareness of ASME B30.27, Material Placement Systems—which when followed, elevates safety on concrete pump job sites. The campaign is supported by other industry associations including the American Society of Concrete Contractors, Concrete Foundations Association and Concrete Tilt-Up Association.


To be effective, the B30.27 standard requires accountability and cooperation among all trades on a concrete pumping site. ACPA saw an industry need for a one-stop resource to help both pumpers and contractors understand their responsibilities prescribed by the standard. When trades partner for safety, with each doing their part to prevent accidents, we can better protect every person on a job site from injuries and fatalities.

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To learn more about the standard so you and your team can work safer, browse this site to find FAQs, downloadable flyers of job site responsibilities by trade, videos and more!

When we partner together, we are safer together!


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“High pressure and tight schedules require increasing awareness of the standards and practices that help keep workers safe. We’ve seen too many significant injuries on projects, even by safety-conscious contractors. The Concrete Foundations Association is proud to support this critically important job site safety campaign and spread the message about the B30.27 standard to anybody who owns, operates or works around concrete pumps.”

James R. Baty II, FACI, Executive Director, CFA
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