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Pour Supervisors

The pour supervisor oversees the work being performed by a material placement system and the associated placing crew. If they ordered the pump because there is no user, they assume the responsibilities of the user.


  • Be present at the job site during placing operations.

  • Allow the material placement system operation near electric power lines ONLY when the requirements of Paragraph 27-3.1.4 and any additional requirements determined by the site supervisor have been met.

  • Ensure the preparation of the area needed to support the material placement system operations has been completed before operations commence.

  • Ensure necessary traffic controls are in place to restrict unauthorized access to the material placement system’s work area.

  • Ensure personnel involved in material placement system operations understand their responsibilities, assigned duties and associated hazards.

  • Address safety concerns raised by the operator or other personnel and take responsibility if the decision is to overrule those concerns and direct operations to continue. In all cases, the manufacturer’s criteria for safe operation and the requirements of ASME B30.27 shall be adhered to.

  • Appoint the signalperson(s) and convey that information to the material placement system operator. Ensure appointed signalpersons meet the requirements of Section 27-3.3.

  • Stop material placement system operations if alerted to an unsafe condition affecting those operations.

  • Ensure precautions are implemented when hazards associated with special placing operations are present. These include but are not limited to:

    • Working at underground job sites.

    • Placing in occupied buildings.

    • Pumping underwater.

    • Operating mobile material placement system on barges.

    • Placing heavyweight concrete.

  • Ensure that any delivery system left on the job for continued use is in adequate condition for the job requirements.

  • Perform any stated requirements for the assembly, disassembly, cleaning, storage, security and inspection of the supplied delivery system.

  • Obtain prior approval to use a delivery system owned by another entity.

  • Verify that available auxiliary equipment is in working condition when the requirements for that equipment have been communicated by the material placement system owner.

  • Satisfy the requirements of Paragraph 27- (l) when using compressed air for cleaning.

  • Verify that the material delivered is the same as the material ordered.

  • Verify that the perishable material on the job is within specified time constraints before unloading into the material placement system.

  • Determine whether to add water to the material.

  • Designate a person to oversee the delivery of material into the hopper if the material placement system operator is required to operate away from the machine; verify that the designated person knows the proper steps to be taken if air or foreign objects enter the hopper.

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