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Material Suppliers and Material Supply Drivers

The liquid structural material supplier (typically the ready mixed concrete supplier) batches and supplies the material to the placement system for delivery to the point of placement (i.e., the job site). They shall be responsible for the batching, transportation, component quality and uniformity, and delivery into the material placement system. They are NOT responsible for the mix design, unless specifically asked to provide a design. (27-


  • Provide a mix consisting of the material components specified.

  • Deliver the material according to the specified time criteria.

  • Train the material supply drivers about the duties and hazards of working with material placement systems.

The liquid structural material driver's responsibilities include:

  • Deliver material into the hopper at a rate sufficient to prevent air from being introduced into the material placement system.

  • Notify the material placement system operator when their truck is empty or if air has entered the system.

  • Notify the material placement system operator if foreign material is discharged with the mix into the hopper.

  • Activate the material placement system emergency stop if air or foreign material has entered the hopper and communication with the operator cannot occur.

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