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Join the Coalition

Join our coalition of industry partners.

If we partner together, we are safer together!

Email, call 614.431.5618 or fill out the form below to get started. 

By filling out this application, you agree to promote the campaign link on your website. Once the application is approved, you will be given a logo or badge to post on your site.

Coalition members are featured on the campaign website and will be provided promotional materials as they become available (i.e., equipment decals, hard hat/helmet stickers, etc.) to distribute to employees, members and/or project partners.

Coalition Partner Application

Prevent. Protect. Partner!

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Logo File Type: AI, EPS or SVG (recommended); PNG or JPG (acceptable)

Images must be a vector (AI, EPS or SVG file type), a PNG with a transparent background, or a JPG file. We strongly recommend a vector of your logo as it is scalable across a large range of sizes without loss of quality. If a PNG or JPG image is submitted, it must be least 250px high and cannot be more than 2000px wide.

File Size: Images files can’t be larger than 5MB.

Thanks for submitting your application!


“High pressure and tight schedules require increasing awareness of the standards and practices that help keep workers safe. We’ve seen too many significant injuries on projects, even by safety-conscious contractors. The Concrete Foundations Association is proud to support this critically important job site safety campaign and spread the message about the B30.27 standard to anybody who owns, operates or works around concrete pumps.”

James R. Baty II, FACI, Executive Director, CFA
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