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Material Placement System Users

The material placement system user orders the system’s presence on a work site and controls its use there. In many cases, the machine is ordered by the pour or site supervisor when there is no material placement system user. The user’s responsibilities are assumed by those people, in addition to their other responsibilities.

In some situations, the owner and the user are the same entity and, therefore, accountable for all the responsibilities below. In other cases, the user may lease or rent a material placement system from the owner without supervisory, operational, maintenance, support personnel or services from the owner. In those situations, Paragraphs 27- and 27- shall apply.


  • Comply with the requirements of ASME B30.27, the manufacturer’s requirements and those regulations applicable at the work site. 

  • Use supervisors for material placement system activities that meet the requirements for a qualified person as defined in Paragraph 27-0.2.2. 

  • Train the material placing crew to recognize and avoid hazards when working with and near a material placement system. 

  • Train personnel assigned to the pump to recognize and avoid hazards when working with and near a material placement system.

  • Ensure the area for the material placement system is adequately prepared. The preparation includes but is not limited to:

  • Access roads for the material placement system, material delivery to the system and access for other associated equipment.

  • Sufficient room to assemble and disassemble the material placement system.

  • An operating area suitable for the material placement system with respect to levelness, surface conditions, support capability, proximity to power lines, excavations, slopes, underground utilities, subsurface construction and obstructions to system operation.

  • Traffic control as necessary to restrict unauthorized access to the system’s working area. 

  • Use material placement system operators who meet the requirements in Paragraphs 27-3.1.1 and 27-3.1.2 (f) and are qualified to perform the tasks that will be required with the system to which they are assigned to operate.

  • At the time of ordering, inform the material placement system owner of the presence of power lines in the proximity of the work area.

  • Order the equipment and delivery system adequate for job requirements.

  • Provide any auxiliary equipment as communicated by the material placement system owner.

  • Order a mix that is compatible with the material placement system ordered. 

  • Order the delivery of perishable material in a sequence that will prevent blockages in the delivery system.

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