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Pump Owners

A concrete pump owner has custodial control of a material placement system by virtue of lease or ownership.


  • Provide a material placement system that meets the requirements of chapters 27-1 and 27-2 of the B30 volume as well as specific job requirements defined by the user.

  • Provide a material placement system and all necessary components specified by the manufacturer that meet the user’s requested configuration and capacity.

  • Provide additional technical information pertaining to the material placement system, necessary for its operation, when requested by the system provider.

  • Provide operation instructions and maintenance information and install warning decals and placards in the locations prescribed by the manufacturer.

  • Establish an inspection, testing and maintenance program in accordance with Chapter 27-2 and inform the user of the requirements of this program.

  • Use personnel who meet the requirements for competency, as defined in Paragraph 27-0.4, and for inspections, testing and maintenance as required in Section 27-2.

  • Supply the delivery system, if part of the job scope, in adequate condition for the job requirements.

  • Communicate to the site and pour supervisors any and all requirements for the assembly, disassembly, cleaning, storage, security and inspection of the supplied delivery system.

  • Communicate to the site and pour supervisors any expectations of obtaining prior approval before allowing any other entity to use the system.

  • Verify that available auxiliary equipment is in working condition when the requirements for that equipment have been communicated by the system owner to the user and site supervisor.

  • Communicate to the site and pour supervisors the requirements of the discharge area, restraining devices, training, accessories and procedures when using compressed air for cleaning.

  • Ensure training for cleaning with compressed air has been completed by operators who will be cleaning with compressed air.

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