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Site Supervisors

The site supervisor exercises control over the work site at which a material placement system is being used and over the work that is being performed on that site. If they ordered the pump because there is no user, they also take on the responsibilities of the user. (In some situations, the site and pour supervisor may be the same person.) 


  • Determine if site-specific regulations are applicable to material placement system operations.

  • Ensure that a qualified person is designated as the pour supervisor.

  • Ensure that material placement system operations are coordinated with other job site activities that will be affected by or will affect placing operations.

  • Ensure that the area for the material placement system is adequately prepared. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Access roads for the material placement system, material delivery to the system and access for other associated equipment.

  • Sufficient room to assemble and disassemble the material placement system.

  • An operating area that is suitable for the material placement system with respect to levelness, surface conditions, support capability, proximity to power lines, excavation, slopes, underground utilities, subsurface construction and obstructions to system operation.

  • Traffic control as necessary to restrict unauthorized access to the system’s working area.

  • Ensure that the material placement system operators meet the requirements of Paragraph 27-3.1.2.

  • Ensure conditions that may adversely affect system operations are addressed. Such conditions include but are not limited to:

    • Power line location

    • Wind velocity or gusting winds

    • Heavy rain

    • Fog

    • Extreme cold

    • Darkness

    • Lightning

    • Poor soil conditions

  • Allow the material placement system operation near electric power lines ONLY when the requirements of Paragraph 27-3.1.6 have been met.

  • Supply the delivery system, if part of the job scope, in adequate condition for the job requirements.

  • Ensure that any delivery system left on the job for continued use is in adequate condition for the job requirements.

  • Perform any stated requirements for the assembly, disassembly, cleaning, storage, security and inspection of the supplied delivery system.

  • Obtain prior approval to use the delivery system owned by another entity.

  • Verify that available auxiliary equipment is in working condition when the requirements for that equipment have been communicated by the material placement system owner.

  • Satisfy the requirements of Paragraph 27- (l) when using compressed air for cleaning.

  • Order a mix that is compatible with the material placement system ordered.

  • Sequence the delivery of perishable materials to prevent blockages in the delivery system.

  • Determine whether to add water to the material.

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